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Since the dawn of time, darkness has struggled to extinguish the light. Rothgor, the devil-god of pain and destruction, has sent forth countless beastly minions to wreck havoc on the mortal world of Yerengal. Beasts that ran on hoofed feet, flew on great leathery wings and swam with spiny, razor sharp fins. Beasts that cast a shadow of fear wherever their presence was felt.

Of all such beasts, no creature drove men to cold sweats faster than the mere mention of the Xurxur beast. A vile, demigod of terrible power. A monstrous abomination of disfigured conjoined twins, half-amphibian, half-human. Rothgor’s malice made flesh. As long as the Xurxur lived, men would know nightmares and fear the dark.

For hundreds of years, the horrific Xurxur terrorized Yerengal, until one day a group of mighty adventurers, bound together in friendship and courage, exiled the beast to the bottom of the Zarndur sea. Shrouded in a pit of darkness for all eternity, the Xurxur beast would interfere with mortal lives no more.

With the beast vanquished, peace and prosperity came to Yerengal once more. A peace that flourished beyond imagination in one Kingdom above all others—the kingdom of Isilmerald. The land ruled by pure mortal lineage, thrived in a new dawn, blessed by the two supreme gods; Alnarius, the king-god of love and harmony and Tilindia, the Green Mother, goddess of nature.

As the races of the world focused their efforts on supporting each other and finding harmony with nature, fear all but vanished. And with the waning darkness fleeing mens’ heart, so to did the devil-god’s followers diminish. Though his heart overflowed with hate more so than ever before, Rothgor became sickly and weak.

Confined to his throne of bones, in a most humbling state, an unexpected visitor appeared before the devil-god. A seemingly human female of little stature and consequence. Dressed in black, with pale skin and piercing grey eyes the woman stood before Rothgor suffering from the same ailment that afflicted the devil god—her influence and power had dwindled in the world. For in the Yerengal’s harmonious state, very few mortal followers worshiped Zornilsa, goddess of greed. But unlike the devil-god who lived eternal, Zornilsa would fade from existence if man kept to his current course.

Although Zornilsa appeared physically young and beautiful the devil-god could see her lifeforce weakening before him. Defiant in spite of her predictament, Zornilsa spoke with bold, passionate words. Words which revealed a cold malevolent spirit that matched Rothgor’s own. The devil-god saw vast potential in the faltering slender goddess and greeted her with open frail arms.

Together in their union, Rothgor and Zornilsa, assembled a horrible creation they referred to as the Black Geyser. A staggering achievement of the dark arts, the Black Geyser personified the darkest, coldest aspects of their natures sat poised to undo the world of men. The devil-god and goddess of greed, unleashed the Black Geyser upon Yerengal, determined to rekindle the darkness in mankind’s heart.

But unlike fear, which had already been openly opposed and conquered, the Black Geyser would work far more subtly and to far more catastrophic ends. The geyser would lurk in the shadows of men and corrupt his most basic nature, poisoning his mind and his very soul with greed and envy.

A decade later, Isilmerald teeters on the brink of a precipice. Chaos and mistrust have infected the entire land. From highborn to lowborn, people have become obsessed with material things. Man has unhinged from nature. The great blessed kingdom of prosperity has splintered, breaking into distinct northern and southern factions. Both of which at this very moment, prepare for war. A war which ironically, owes its origination to a debt and argument over a mere three gold coins. A testament in itself to the power of the Black Geyser.
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