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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most unique features offered? How does the gameplay look like?
Check out our featured novelties and the gameplay video.
What is the origin of the name "Yerengal"?
It comes from the expression Yer-En-Gal, which means "World of the Sun" in the old language of Deroni Elves (a playable race in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness).
Who is Böor?
Böor is the god of cold, father to Dargalmir and Keeper of the Peaceful Winter. We will add the pantheon (the list of gods) to the website soon.
I like this indie project a lot. Can I help you in any way?
Thank you so much! There are several ways of support.
Could you list any similar games?
Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness is a unique, indie game, but if you really want us to mention games with a similar gameplay, you can think of the classic CRPGs (released between 1998-2002) and their modern successors. That is, the gameplay is real-time in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness, but you can pause it at any time. You have one protagonist when you start the game, but further NPCs can join you later, forming a party of up to five characters.
Can you give me a list of features? What platforms do you support? Can you provide further samples of game art, NPCs, world map etc.?
Check out the Features and Novelties pages. Moreover, you can also read the story of the game, and see some famous characters. The world map (its development version) can be found in the Media page.
What rule system does the game use?
Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness uses its own rule system. Even though this results in unique features, game mechanics are akin to those found in many other role-playing games. You start with character generation, gain experience points during gameplay and combat, allocate various things (such as skill points) at level-up, etc.
Any information about the Kickstarter rewards?
We haven’t finished their planning yet, but there will be at least five types of rewards:
  • Box version of the game (in various editions)
  • Great souvenirs (e.g. the world map of the game)
  • Special elements you can design together with us (a unique item, NPC, hostile party etc., depending on the pledge level).
  • Starting from a certain pledge level ($20), you get the full game.
  • Starting from a certain pledge level, you get the backer beta.
If you exceed your Kickstarter funding goal, how will you use the additional money?
The more we raise, the more content we can provide. This includes bonus content (more areas, monsters, quests, banters etc.) as well as new features (such as an additional character class, or the option of romances). In other words, the project is scalable to a high extent. Of course, we guarantee a full-featured product even if the campaign only reaches its minimum goal. In this case, perhaps you can encounter only 2 types of trolls instead of 5 types, and you may visit a bit less wilderness areas, but the overall quality of the game will not be affected in any way.
Any expansion pack or second part for the game?
Yes, we plan a next installment called „Beard of the Glacier”.
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