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Spells and Special Abilities


Spells are recorded in spell slots for memorization. There are two types of slots at each spell level: slots for base-energy spells and slots for elevated-energy spells. Elevated-energy spells are usually more powerful than base-energy spells of the same spell level. Once a memorized spell in a given slot is cast, it cannot be used until the next successful Voluntary Deep Sleep (VDS) event.

There are 10 spell levels, and 6 spell classes: Natural, Spiritual, Unnatural, Oriental, Summoning, and Ritual.

For example, Smile of Alnarius has the following stats:
  • Spell Class: Natural
  • Spell Level: 3
  • Spell Slot Type: Base-energy

Special Abilities

Special Abilities are very similar to spells. Each ability can be used once between two consecutive Voluntary Deep Sleep events. That is to say, they are regained during VDS, just like spells. Any character may have Special Abilities; unlike spells, Special Abilities aren't restricted to spellcaster classes.

Spell Classes


Spells of this class derive their power from nature. This includes all magic related to the elements: fire, cold, electricity, water, acid, poison, earth, and air. Moreover, healing spells that have no harmful balance or side effects are also of this class. (Therefore, life draining spells are never Natural.)

Summoning: Natural class spells may only bring forth magical seeds, eggs, or creatures of the Elemental category. Note that seeds or eggs may result in creatures of the Mortal category at a later time.

Source: Natural magic originates from the goddess of nature, Tilindia. It has been harnessed and nurtured most by the Deroni Elves.

Classes: Druid, Shaman, Wintermage and Spellweaver favor Natural class spells.

Examples of this spell class from Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness:
  • Severine's Sparkle
  • Magic Seed: Walking Tree


Spells of this class focus on the spirit and mind.

Summoning: Spells of the spiritual class may only attract creatures of the Spirit category. This class of magic cannot summon any creature that has a material form.

Source: Spiritual magic originates from the god of love and spirit, Alnarius and has been with the mortal races since their creation.

Classes: Cleric, Shaman, Necromancer and Spellweaver favor Spiritual spells.

Examples of this spell class from Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness:
  • Smile of Alnarius
  • Reminder to Death


Spells of this class deal with magical processes that violate the rules of nature. For example, unnatural spells may animate the dead, or drain the energy of living creatures. The Druid class cannot use Unnatural spells.

Summoning: Unnatural spells may only summon creatures of the Animated Undead category.

Source: Unnatural magic originates from the devil-god of pain and destruction, Rothgor. It has spread through Yerengal by numerous means and through numerous minions, including the goddess of greed, Zornilsa. Many of those who practice in unnatural spellcraft speak of the Twelve Scrolls of the Dead—a dozen scrolls scattered across Yerengal by Zornilsa herself. The scrolls are said to guide mortal spellcasters on the proper usage of Unnatural magic. It is also said that to hold one is to wield immense power, but to unite all twelve is to hold complete mastery over all the unnatural power in Yerengal.

Classes: Cleric, Necromancer and Spellweaver favor Unnatural spells.

Examples of this spell class from Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness:
  • Life Drain
  • Crypt Opening: Ghoul


Spells of this class originate in the Eastern Empires of Yerengal, far away from Isilmerald. Oriental spells revolve around concepts of wishes, desires, illusions, deceit, transformation, flying, levitation, and defense.

Summoning: Oriental spells may only summon creatures of the Mortal and Elemental categories.

Source: Unlike other spell classes, Oriental magic does not directly originate from a major god. The mighty ruler of the Eastern Empires, Elenuator the Djinni is singularly responsible for the art. As one of the strongest demigods, Elenuator established his own spell class by combining the elements of the Natural, Spiritual, and Summoning classes.

Classes: Spellweaver favors Oriental spells.

Examples of this spell class from Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness:
  • Shielded Levitation
  • Adaptive Shapeshift


Spells of this class can summon a wide variety of mortal creatures to aid the caster in combat and in other ways.

Summoning: Summoning spells may only summon creatures of the Mortal category.

Source: Summoning magic originates from the two major gods: Alnarius, the god of love and spirit, and Tilindia, goddess of nature. It was introduced in Yerengal as a gift to the wizards of Isilbright when they were fighting against the armies of Dargalmir, a powerful demigod to the north. Summoning spells enabled the wizards to reinforce the human army with hundreds of wild animals on the eve of losing their greatest battle. Turning the tide of the conflict and leading to victory, summoning spells have been highly regarded ever since.

Classes: All spellcaster classes favor summoning spells.

Examples of this spell class from Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness:
  • Summon Wolf
  • Summon Spider


Spells of this class open a gate, which establishes a connection between two distant places or dimensions. Through the gate, creatures of any category (even Demigods or Gods) may arrive or depart. Gates created by ritual spells can be dispelled (closed prematurely) via opposing magic.

Summoning: Ritual spells cannot summon creatures.

Source: Ritual magic originates from the devil-god of pain and destruction, Rothgor. It was originally introduced to the mortal races of Yerengal as a way for Rothgor and his minions to enter the world of men. It is a class of spells not often used by the faint of heart.

Classes: Shaman and Necromancer favor Ritual spells.

Examples of this spell class from Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness:
  • Underworld Gate
  • Demon Gate
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