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The Black Geyser
The Black Geyser stands as a bridge between Rothgor’s dark realm and the world of men. One end of the bridge appears as a spout within Rothgor’s realm, while an identical spout resides in Yerengal. More than a mere gate, its very existence attracts and concentrates all the darkest, coldest aspects of its creators. The geyser lures misguided souls to it, where it traps them in Rothgor’s realm for all eternity in ever lasting torment.

On the new moon of every month, the geyser erupts spewing forth those corrupted souls who have pledged their allegiance to Rothgor. These souls have become Couriers Of Darkness, agents of malice, sworn to spread across Yerengal and poison the hearts of men with greed and self-serving ambition.

In Yerengal, the geyser resides in the courtyard remains of castle Alastor. Castle Alastor lies off the northern tip of Isilmerald, on the border of the Northern Realms and the lands of Zida-Suda. The castle has been long abandoned since its owner Duke Alastor, died over a century ago. The castle has been left unattended since the duke’s death and is little more than a pile of gothic ruins. A place of ill omen, avoided by travelers at all cost and a fitting place for a construct as wicked as the Black Geyser.
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