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The Game
“Greed shall infest us all!”
Chaos and despair spread throughout the Kingdom of Isilmerald. Its desperate people cry out, praying to the gods for help. But the force they face is no mere plague of the undead, or demonic attack… Something far more sinister, far more primal is afoot. Avarice!

Law and order quickly collapses as everyday citizens turn outlaw, attacking anyone unfortunate to cross their path… all for a few more gold coins. From high-born to low, greed spreads. Infecting the land like some divinely inspired disease, intent on purging the world of men. And it comes for you next!

Will you yield to the dark tendrils of desire coiling around your heart? Become an agent of greed and usher the kingdom into chaos. Or rebuke its seductive advances? Vow to discover the truth of the madness and restore the kingdom to its rightful glory?

Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness is an isometric, party and XP based, real-time RPG (with pause option) set in the world of Yerengal. A game that combines immersive graphics and brand-new features with virtues of the classic RPGs we all loved! Solve mysteries, fight epic battles, help beggars and kings alike, outwit swindlers and gods, and never forget: greed has many forms and many names!

Races and Classes

Choose between five starting races: Human, Dwarf, Rillow, Deroni Elf, and the Feldegug.

If you favor spells and magic, play the Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Necromancer, Wintermage or Spellweaver. Each class has unique skills and spells you haven't seen in any other RPG.

For those with more subtle tastes, thieves have been rejuvenated with new skills and abilities like Plant Item. With this skill — the “opposite” of stealing — you can hide items in the clothing of others! Silently apply poison to a guard's skin, or if you prefer hide stolen jewelry in his pockets to stir the pot. If cunning and stealth are your favor, play the Thief or Swindler and be the devious puppet master in Isilmerald!

If theft and magic are not to your liking and you prefer a more direct approach, Fighter, Templar, Ranger and Highlander are available for your choosing. Slay your enemies face-to-face with high martial proficiency or raw brute strength.

Magical Spells

Each spell in Black Geyser belongs to one of the six spell classes: Natural, Spiritual, Unnatural, Oriental, Summoning, and Ritual. Here are a sampling of spells enhanced with amazing visual and audio effects in Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness:

Adaptive Shapeshift
Shielded Levitation
Severine's Sparkle
Smile of Alnarius
Breeze of Spring
Sweet Pollen
Song of the Forest
Lightning Bolt
Life Drain
Screams and Bones
Underworld Gate
Crypt Opening: Ghoul

Genre and Experience

Did you enjoy the classic CRPGs released between 1998-2002? We sure did. Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness is dedicated to offering a similarly magnificent atmosphere in a modern, enhanced and extended format. As an indie product, developed by people who love the genre, we're devoted to setting a new standard. We’re bringing back the best aspects of classic CRPGs and building a game we're having a blast to play.

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