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Party and Gameplay

  • Party with up to five characters (solo play is also supported)
  • Real-time gameplay and combat (with pause feature)
  • Characters earn XP, and level-up at certain XP levels
  • Free-roaming exploration of wilderness areas (sandbox style features)
  • Deep, rich storyline with hundreds of subquests and dozens of key battles

Creature Interactions

  • Engaging character driven dialogue with branching outcomes
  • Romance options and additional banters*
  • Buy and sell items through merchants and unique NPCs
  • Encounter interactions influenced by level of greed

Skills and Spells

  • Unique skills for each character class
  • A truly original thief skill, Plant Item
  • Special (magical) abilities for all classes
  • Innovative, unique spells such as Adaptive Shapeshift
  • Brewing and drying mechanics to create potions and powders

Platforms and Translations

  • Available for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac
  • Will be available on Steam, GOG, and possibly other stores
  • Enhanced by our CrossSave technology
  • Available in**: English, German (Deutsch), French (Français), Spanish (Español)
  • Support for additional operating systems is considered, but only after the game is released for the main platforms
* This will be a kickstarter stretch goal.
** The following languages will be available in kickstarter stretch goals only: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian
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