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Creation Myth
Time began not with a bang and a roar, but with the smallest spark and the faintest whisper. A single light of warmth breaking the unmeasured and undisturbed void of nothingness. A light that grew and divided the void, from that which was, to that which will forever be.

And from this division, existence came into being. Suns born and planets formed. And as the light of the first sun put forth the first dawn, the forms of the first two beings eternal appeared. Alnarius the king-god and Tilindia the Mother god.

The Mother god reached out across the universe to shape the planets; spilling forth from her bosom, water, rock, air and fire and last but not least of all… life. Pleased with the Mother god’s work, the king-god exhaled and brought spirit bound by love and harmony to all living things. A new age of creation had arrived and life thrived in every corner of the universe. Bound in spirit and strength to their creations, as life flourished, Alnarius and Tilindia themselves grew stronger.

But there was something missing in the sustenance they received. Purpose, passion and ambition were all but unknown to them. The simple creatures of the universe simply had no comprehension of such things. Eager to address their oversight, Tilindia took to forming the bodies of beings in their own image. Beings the Mother-god called the many.

Again, Alnarius approved of his companion’s work and filled the many, with passion and desire of purpose. He sent the many, to the greatest planet of their creation, Yerengal. Here the many would be tested of their worth. Forced to prove they could and would, provide over the planet Yerengal and live in harmony among its countless creatures. The king-god decreed, if the many did so, they would be spread to all planets throughout all of existence.

The mortals thrived and soon referred to themselves not as the many, but simply as man. These men devoted themselves to the care of Yerengal just as the gods had hoped. And through their efforts, sought to discover the secrets of their own existence. During this Age of Mortals, the sun shone down all its light and warmth across Yerengal. Allowing men and creatures of the planet to prosper in abundance. And as the men prospered, their faith and dedication empowered Alnarius and Tilindia with the sustenance they had been lacking. All was bound in harmony and good fortune.

But over time, as man’s power grew and his faith created abundant nourishment for the gods, new gods appeared alongside Alnarius and Tilindia. The king-god and Mother god welcomed their new immortal companions with open arms. Even though many of the new gods yearned for the great power the King and Mother god possessed, the two eternal beings happily shared Yerengal among them.

The king-god in all his wisdom, decreed if all that they had created could not stand against darkness, it did not deserve to stand. And so, even the few gods of discord were tolerated by Alnarius and Tilindia. A small few that came not from the light of the sun, but from the shadows of the void, attracted to the power derived from man’s lack of faith, or worse, his devotion to chaos and disharmony.

The most powerful of such gods to arrive, Rothgor, the devil-god, appeared with the most wicked intent. Rothgor gave form to the shadows on Yerengal. He rewarded creatures for doing evil deeds and spreading fear and doubt.

Over time, the new gods became filled with the same passion and ambition that filled men. Many of them formed alliances among themselves in order to secure more power. Some even drew alliances with Rothgor himself and the other dark gods. The culmination of these alliances often ended with the gods taking human form and interfering with the realm of mortals. The gods hoped that such interactions would reveal secrets unknown to them, while at the same time weakening the two eternal gods to the point where they could be overthrown. The gods’ interactions with mortals often resulted in the creation of offspring. Numerous demigods, monsters, djinn and creatures of extraordinary perception and character were born from such unions.

While the gods struggled to gain and retain power for a variety of personal reasons and goals, Rothgor’s ultimate goal had not changed since he first arrived. A single minded creature, the devil-god simply wanted to become strong enough to destroy Alnarius and Tilindia, return existence to the Void and remain the single, supreme god.

However, with Alnarius and Tilindia deriving so much power from the men of Yerengal, Rothgor could not hope to fulfill his task while the mortal races of Yerengal existed. So the devil-god lurks in the shadows, subtly influencing the fates of men, always trying to undo all that Alnarius and Tilindia have done.
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