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Famous Characters

Keeper of the Peaceful Winter

The Keeper of the Peaceful Winter is the son of Böor and a human female. Although some suspect, the keeper's true form—like his true name—is unknown, the keeper appears a long-bearded older human. His bright blue eyes and grey tinged skin are the only subtle hint of his godly origins. The Keeper of the Peaceful Winter is a master of cold magic and guardian of the Northern Realm. He has stopped the races of the north from warring amongst themselves for many generations and sits poised to do so for many more.


Agvald is a name known to all dwarves of Yerengal. Coming from meager upbringings, Agvald left his home of the Northern Realm at a young age to seek fame and fortune in foreign lands. He returned in his middle ages with riches, skill and many tales of his heroic exploits afar. Framed by envious members of the dwarven counsel, the hero was stripped of his wealth and banished from the Northern Realm for the remaining years of his life. It is said Agvald roams the lands plotting his return to the Northern Realm and revenge against those who wronged him.

Bjalla Adelis

Bjalla Adelis is a feldegug spellweaver. She is a member of one of the four feldegug tribes who left the far north. At the onset of puberty, Bjalla was cast out to live among the outsiders of Yerengal. Where others expected failure, Bjalla survived and survived well. Taking in with various people she met in her travels she absorbed knowledge like a sponge, developing unique skills and magical talents. In recent years her discovery and possession of the Third Eye—a legendary gemstone with fabled magical powers—has garnished Bjalla a bit of notoriety across the land.
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